Department of Mathematical Informatics

Department of Mathematical Informatics

Present hard to imagine without computers. Its rapid development has led to the actualization of many problems and challenges. Among them - the problem of artificial intelligence, the problems of computer linguistics and computer graphics, information security, and more.

Ентоні Хоар

There are two ways of building applications: make them so simple that there is obviously no errors, or so complex that there will be no obvious errors.

Tony Hoare

Achievements 2021

Defended dissertations:

Fedorus O. M.
Application of PARKS systems to model operations of relational algebra of choice. Dissertation for the degree Candidate of Phys. -Math. Science, scientific supervisor - Kulyabko P. P. Date of defense: 13.05.2021.  
Nasirov E.M.
Parallelization of non-negative factorization of sparse linguistic matrices and tensors of ultra-large dimension. Dissertation for the degree Candidate of Phys. -Math. Science, scientific supervisor - Marchenko O.O. Date of defense: 13.05.2021.  
Tereshchenko Y. V.
Development of a unified algorithmic environment (UAEM) for solving thermodynamic problems in inhomogeneous structures. Dissertation for the degree PhD, scientific supervisor - Marchenko O.O. Date of defence: 04.11.2021
Applied Research Project: Development of Intelligent Diagnostic and Decision Making Systems for Computer Support and Modeling of Rehabilitation Processes (scientific supervisor V. Tereshchenko). The project became one of the winners of the competitive selection of research and development projects organized by the MES of Ukraine in 2021, gaining 98.5 points and was recommended by the MES for funding from the state budget.