Department of Mathematical Informatics

Regulatory courses

Algorythmics (Taranukha V.U.) (2 year)

The purpose and objectives of discipline algorythmics “is getting required knowledge of basic algorithms and their for further use addressing different tasks programming .
Course details – algorythmics

Information systems and databases (Kulyabko P.P.) (3 course)

Educational discipline “Information systems and databases” includes major sections and
the concept of basic theory and technology databases. The knowledge and experience that will
obtained during the study course, will significantly enhance the ability of students in
mastering complex specialized subjects and writing graduation projects.
Course details – Information systems and databases

Artificial Intelligence (Marchenko A.A.) (5 year)

The purpose and objectives of discipline artificial Intellecom t “is getting required knowledge of modern information intelligently programming and further deputy osuvannya for research and programming process solutions ‘Liabilities data processing challenges .
Course details – Artificial Intelligence

Computational geometry and computer graphics (Tereshchenko V.M.) (4 year)

The purpose and objectives of discipline “Computational geometry and computer graphics” is an acquaintance of one of the main research directions in the field of computer technology “Computational Geometry” and mastery of technology solving a wide class of problems of science and technology (including tasks of computer graphics) using methods, approaches and computational geometry algorithms.
Course details –