Department of Mathematical Informatics


The development of cybernetics stimulated not only the general need to automate extremely complex calculations during scientific experiments and production need, but the need to handle giant amounts of verbal information carrier of which were countless volumes of printed and handwritten documents of various kinds.

In response to the challenges at the philological faculty of Kiev State University. TH Shevchenko in 1964 was created department of mathematical linguistics, the main focus of which was the modeling of natural language.

Training of specialists conducted so that the students learned the mathematical disciplines and both were ready to use structural and mathematical methods of learning, knew English and another foreign language, had practice in the translation of scientific literature, could conduct a formal analysis of language, improve machine translation.

However, read the regulatory courses and courses in programming and information systems, psycholinguistics, engineering psychology, linguistic programming, linguistic support is very popular while ACS.


Anatoly Anisimov (1980.)


Great influence on the formation of research areas of mathematical linguistics had an outstanding scientist, mathematician, computer science, Academician Glushkov VM One of his students, then Associate Professor Anatoly V. Anisimov (later Professor) – led in 1980 and the department launched a new scientific school of mathematical Informatics.

In 1985 due to the fact that the range of interests covered a wide range of Department of Informatics, the Department was renamed to of mathematical science . The department was active and working in the following areas: artificial intelligence, computational linguistics, information security, distributed computing, local algorithms.


Obtaining new results in the study of the general properties of a large class converters information possible to optimize the solution a wide range of applications: increasing the speed of processing very large numbers, memory allocation, communication and cryptographic protection of information in computer networks. Based on the theoretical model of recursive data processors built a new programming technology Parks (Asynchronous Parallel Recursive Control Systems); implemented PARCS class of programming languages: Pascal, C +, transputers, JAVA. Among the advances in artificial intelligence technology created note computerized linguistic analysis of texts in natural language. As a practical application system developed semantic automatic abstracting, indexing and classification of natural language documents. Developed ontological base volume of more than 150 thousand. Concepts that allows semantic analysis of texts; designed to improve semantic system of language translation.

During the period the department has prepared a large number of professionals in the computer industry. Following extensive work on preparation of highly qualified specialists, only under the direction of A. Anisimov is currently protected by 35 master’s and two doctoral dissertations. From 1982 to 1992 publication department organized republican interdepartmental collection of scientific works “models and systems of information obrabotku” frequency 2 times a year. The department maintains close scientific ties with many foreign universities. Graduates successfully work in many sectors of the economy.

The department exists research laboratory of high-performance information processing systems, established by order of the Rector of 18/05/1983 p. 335 number “O”. Laboratory Supervisor – Head of Department of Mathematical Informatics, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Anisimov AV

The laboratory was established to reinforce scientific research of mathematical science. Thanks to the employees of the department and the laboratory among the first in Ukraine began research in the area of language engineering, computer systems dialogue on natural language generation coherent texts (fairy pillows), three-dimensional computer graphics, and more. On the basis of the specialized training center (twelve terminals CM 14-20) in 1983. teachers Glibovets Kulyabko MM and PP for the first time at the university conducted practical and laboratory work on programming in the computer lab.

Scientific Research Laboratory and the Department of covering current trends informatics: recursive-parallel converters information and their use discrete processes of information processing systems, parallel programming, local algorithms on discrete structures, algorithms for associative and local search semantic networks, computational linguistics, quantum algorithms , artificial problems, etc.telektu, computer graphics, information security in computer networks, computer processing of very large numbers, intelligent knowledge base, distributed computing, computer systems of distance learning, distributive algorithms. & nbsp; The current staff: Head of prof. Anisimov AV, professors Glibovets MM, Verhunova IM, ZP Leshchenko, associate Kulyabko PP, Tereshchenko VM, MG Medvedev, OV Derevyanchenko ., Marchenko AA, Zawadzki IA assistants Taranukha VY, Porhun AV., & nbsp; In 2007, the Department of Mathematical Informatics was joined staff of the department of mathematical methods of ecological and economic research, disbanded by the decision of the Academic Cybernetics faculty Council. Here, the collective photo shows added (but not complete) staff MI as of early 2008.