Department of Mathematical Informatics

Courses and degree work

Shevchuk E.M. Parameterized development network emulator.

The paper describes general information about the concept of emulation network market analysis tools for its implementation. Completed survey parameterized architecture for multi-network emulator which performs proksuvannya client traffic. Described in detail the principles that formed the basis for its implementation.

Nedavniy V. Development training distance course on creating plugins distributed among .NET Framework.

The paper deals with all the most popular distance learning system, the analysis of the requirements and characteristics of each of them and select the best option. Also the basic syntax of C # language methodology: "Syntax-use architecture." A holistic curriculum that allows to gain knowledge of the syntax of the programming language C #. Developed plugin for automatic calculation of student achievement.

Chernoff M. Development of an automated system for analyzing strophic forms of poetic works.

Purpose - to develop an automated system to analyze strophic forms of poetic works. As part of this task offered to proprietary algorithm that detects the presence of rhyming words between the two without any additional dictionaries. The system recognizes more than eighty types stanza. Analyzing strophic drawings inherent in a particular artist, the ability to find sponsors with a similar style of poetry. The system accepts input text poetic works. The work program is characteristic stanzas of the poem (in the form of letter circuits) and a list of authors.

Havre A.Y. PARKS.NET The use of cloud computing. ( “Usage of PARCS.NET system for cloud computing”)

The paper presents the application of the system for parallel distributed computing PARKS.NET (PARCS - Parallel Asynchronous Recursive Control Systems) for cloud computing. As the technology for cloud computing was used Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and Microsoft Azure. Also described in the API created for the user interface. The paper provided a description of the system and PARKS.NET possibility of setting to work with the cloud. The results of the testing system to solve the classic problem of matrix multiplication. The possibilities of PARCS in solving practical problems of parallel programming

Matvienko M. Application of PARCS for CPU and GPU.

This article examines the technology PARCS PARCS-JAVA and-CUDA, and conducted tests to compare the performance of parallel algorithms on graphics and central processors. CUDA was designed for a standard sample PARCS-JAVA - parallel algorithm for matrix multiplication, analyzed and presented in the conclusion the results. Short review papers and articles on high performance parallel computing on clusters of GPUs using CUDA.

Maze V.S. Solving the problem of visibility simple polygons with a moving point.

We consider the construction of a new search algorithm to set the scope of simple polygons with a moving point. It analyzes existing approaches problem solving and developed the original effective algorithm. Also developed a software implementation using the language JavaScript.

Mamedov T.A. Development of automation systems for the Turkish language considerations.

This paper provides an overview and analysis of existing automation systems proof (argument), the updated software code kernel SAD and adapted formal language ForTheL to Turkic languages developed automation system considerations on the basis of SAD for the Turkish language, which consists of four modules, demonstrated and tested system for mathematical texts written formal Turkish language.

Krasouskaya K. Strategies for risk management in payment systems.

In the master thesis work was proposed strategy for risk management in payment systems, also developed appropriate mathematical apparatus based on the system, using the analytic hierarchy process and ordynalnomu, using calculations degree of uncertainty (entropy) approaches. The correctness of mathematical models were checked manually and programmatically, that has developed a prototype decision support system, and it was determined the domain model, the options usage scenarios and has developed an architectural diagram of the application. The flexibility of the developed mechanism makes continued research developed strategy, as proposed risk management strategy may adapt for use in non-financial and public institutions.

Kostyuk N. Using text mining approach to analyze the responses.

Master's thesis is devoted to developing algorithms to highlight key features and functions to the product and opinion words from text user feedback to further analyze their tone. The main aim of the thesis - to offer a new idea to highlight the opinion words or phrases for each key properties from a text response sposobom.U most effective work getting attention is paid templates for opinion words / phrases of property product from a text response through adjectives, adverbs, verbs and nouns. Dedicated opinions properties and may be useful for generating meaningful result that can provide a significant source of information to help users keep track of the most suitable products, and developers to monitor the problem areas of software. At the end of the verification process was carried allocation issues and visualization of results comparing common functions in various applications.

Kobelev A.V. Tree sections Fenwick tree and their application.

This article examines data structures such as wood pieces and wood Fenwick. Namely, their construction, calculation and modification of a given function element or elements of the interval. Also the two-dimensional version and persistent data structures. Developed by improving the structure of the data segment tree for multidimensional case for working with multidimensional data sets.

Klimenko O. development of information system for physical rehabilitation man.

Master's thesis is devoted to designing and developing an information system for tracking and managing the process of rehabilitation of patients. We consider the principles of building intelligent information systems, provides an overview of the theory of fuzzy sets. Describe the process of designing rehabilitation system based on the presented theoretical knowledge. In practical implementation of the proposed software system for managing physical rehabilitation man. The detailed analysis of principles of web application development, justified the choice of applicable technologies and software being tested all the components of the software. The results have the potential to further modifications and research.

Karpovich R. I.Vykorystannya neural networks for predicting the probability of sale.

The paper provides an overview of theoretical information on the topic of neural networks is considered Neuroph framework and describes the implementation of a system that uses neural networks to assess the probability of sale.

Karpovich A. B. Development of the system of finding similar images in network “INTERNET”.

The work has been studied and analyzed general information about Image Search. Described potential applications of algorithms for image search, the principles of systems using these algorithms and their typical architecture. Were the methods of finding images in color, SIFT-like signature, identifying contours, texture and form and described their features. Realized prototype of finding similar images, with the further possibility of application components developed as part of the search engine images.

Zinchenko A. B. Description images using recurrent neural networks.

Master's thesis is devoted to the problem of describing images. The main aim of the thesis - to show that the technique of deep learning can be used to solve a wide class of problems, including the problem description and images. In the thesis work the architecture of neural networks. The final network consisted of convolutional and recurrent GRU layers of interconnected cells. To train network used the method of transfer options. At the end of the work was the analysis results. The final network has shown impressive results. This is to prove that neural networks are able to solve very complex and unusual problems. Also, these networks have a single set of parameters for optimization that significantly speeds development and increases the quality of such models.

Zhyvchyn A.R. Terminology and revealing implicit relationships between a collection of texts.

In this work the analysis of existing approaches thesauri construction, development of application method that would provide the opportunity to accurately define important terms and terminology Ukrainian-relationships between them and the proposed method as a web application for analysis of its effectiveness on real data, with the further possibility application component developed as part of the search engine of scientific documents.

Danilenko D.A. and implementation of BPM in Customer Relationship Management.

In order to improve the company's business benefit from a system that has adapted existing business processes and optimize them. The paper presents the results of implementing BPM in interaction with the client. Results of the analysis suggest that BPM adds: declarative descriptions of complex logic that facilitates its implementation; branch decision logic of common code (as a consequence, ease of maintenance and modernization).

Wisniewski R.A. Development software for analyzing relationships between people on social networks.

The paper deals with general information on social graphs, algorithms allocation of communities made an overview and comparative analysis of existing programs to analyze social graphs, web application designed to retrieve data from the social network, save them on your computer, discharge communities of friends recommendations of friends and allocation of clicks users.

Borovik S. A. Implementation evolutionary fuzzy systems means SNTK.

The paper was developed by evolutionary fuzzy system with computational network toolkit based mivarnoho approach and fuzzy logic. Implementation using python programming languages and ndl. Was also considered an example of using this system while driving

Alekseev K.D. Development analysts hashtag in Hashtago.

In this work the comparative analysis of the market with competitors conclusions about the advantages and disadvantages of the project Hashtago, conclusions regarding the relevant information to analysts hashtag on social networks. The developed platform for analysis hashtag three social networks. The information about the technologies used in the project.