Department of Mathematical Informatics

Derevyanchenko Alexander Valerijovych


  • Assistant professor Department of Mathematical Informatics
  • Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.




General information

Associate Professor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences


Born October 26, 1969 in the city. Kiev. In 1986 he graduated from the Kiev school number 164. In 1991 he graduated from the Faculty of Cybernetics, Kiev State University. TH Shevchenko specialty – “applied mathematics”.

Since 1991 – Software Engineer Information Technology Center at KSU, 1992 – assistant professor of mathematical science.

In 2005 he defended his thesis on “Development PARCS-JAVA technologies of parallel programming in computer networks” in “software”, supervisor – Professor Anisimov AV

Since 2006 – assistant professor of mathematical science. Reads normative course “Parallel Programming” courses and “Local and global network,” “Network computing”.

Research activities

He participated in the state program “Pattern computer”, “Development of a software system of parallel processing on a computer network with support for cluster technology” and Grande from the company Intel “Higher Educationproekta 7446 Curricula Modernisation focused on Paralel Programming”.

Many international conferences, including (International Scientific Conference “IMS-2003”, p. Divnomorskoye, Russia International scientific conference “Theoretical and applied aspects of building software systems”, Kyiv, 2004 .; IV International Scientific and practical conference “UkrPROH’2004” m. Kyiv, international scientific seminar “High-performance parallel computing on cluster systems”, 2006, c. St. Petersburg, Russia.

Research interests: parallel programming, databases, linguistics, data protection, WEB-programming, artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, graph theory, algorithms and programming techniques.

The author of over 20 scientific papers, has a patent for Computer system.