Department of Mathematical Informatics

Zavadsky Igor Oleksandrovych


  • Assistant professor Department of Mathematical Informatics,
  • Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.





General information

Associate Professor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences


Born May 29, 1974 in Kiev. In 1981-1991 gg. Studied at secondary school №165. In 1996 graduated from the Faculty of Cybernetics, Kiev University. Taras Shevchenko.

In 1996-1999. Studied at the graduate Institute of Cybernetics NASU.

In 2000 he defended his thesis on “Studies of logic circuits using bus and switching elements” Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

From 1999 to 2002 – teacher of informatics Ukrainian Humanitarian Lyceum KNU. Shevchenko. The university works with 2002 – first as a senior research fellow from 2003. – Assistant professor of mathematical science of cybernetics faculty, and since 2006. – As assistant professor of mathematical science.

Research activities

Reads “quantum computing”, “Databases”, “multi-synchronous arithmetic”.

Areas of Expertise: architecture of parallel computing devices, multi arithmetic, and distributed quantum computing, e-learning system.

The author of 20 scientific and educational works, including : Basics of the Internet. – K., 2007, Vol. Group BHV, 320 c. (Co-authors – OM Levchenko, NS Prokopenko) Fundamentals of visual programming. – K., 2007, Vol. Group BHV, 272 c. (Co – Zabolotnyi RI).