Department of Mathematical Informatics

Verhunova Irina Nikolaevna


  • assistant professor Department of Mathematical Informatics,
  • Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Senior Research Fellow,
  • Doctor habilitation.




General information

Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Senior Researcher, Doctor Habilitation



Born October 15, 1966 in the city. Kiev. In 1983 she graduated from the Kiev school number 145, and in 1988 – Faculty of Cybernetics, Kiev State University imeniTarasa Shevchenko specialty “applied mathematics” with honors and enrolled in graduate school. In 1995 she defended her thesis “Optimization psevdoparabolichnyh generalized system of influence” (supervisor – Dr. Sci. Lyashko SI Sciences) on specialty 01.05.02 – “Mathematical modeling and computational methods in research.”

In 1996 received the rank of associate professor, in 2001 – the academic rank of Senior Scientist specialty 01.05.02 – “Mathematical modeling and computational methods” in 2006 – a doctorate habilitation (Hungary) and in 2008 – the academic title of professor.

Since 1995 works at Dept. those Cybernetics of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University Research Fellow from 1998 – senior researcher research laboratory methods and practice of computing experiment at the Department of methods of computational experiments from 2001 – Head of the specified laboratory . Since 2006 – Head of the research laboratory of high performance data processing systems at the Department of Mathematical Informatics. From 2009 to the position of professor of mathematical science.

Research activities

Research interests: research in the fields of modeling physical and chemical processes in the soil, some ahrobioprotsesiv and agricultural technologies and optimal control ahroeko systems.

As part of the state budget themes involved in the development of numerical methods for solving differential equations of evolution. Supervisor d / t “friendly environment, sustainable model of production of crops in different environmental conditions” (customer Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine).

She took part in the execution of research projects, interstate Ukrainian-Hungarian “Control of radioactive contamination of soil and plants”; “Agroecological monitoring and modeling of agricultural landscapes and sustainable agro-ecosystems” on the instructions “To substantiate and develop the main areas of environmental management based on optimizing agricultural landscapes, protection of soil and water resources, agricultural technologies biologization and ecologically safe use of chemicals; “Methodology, building, structure and principles of behavior using surface contamination in soils”; “Mathematical models of control objects in agriculture and engineering management tasks.”

Under the scientific supervision Verhunovoyi IM defended 3 PhD thesis.

Fellow Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for young scientists (1996 – 1998 years.).

Awarded with “Excellence in Education of Ukraine” (1999), “Excellence in Agricultural Education and Science” III degree (2007), Honorable Ministry of Ukraine (2007), Diploma of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for young scientists for the scientific work “Improving soybean processing technology through the introduction of information model of biological nitrogen fixation “(2000), diploma of the Ministry of Ukraine of emergencies and Affairs of population protection from the consequences of Chornobyl catastrophe, diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (2008). Winner of the ARC Award (2006).

Verhunova IM has 123 scientific and educational works, including about 10 textbooks and 1 manual recommended by the MES of Ukraine for students of III-IV accreditation levels, 1 monograph.

Major works:

  1. Основи математичного моделювання для аналізу та прогнозу агрономічних процесів. – К.: Нора-Прінт, 2000. – 146с.
  2. Основи моделювання в захисті рослин . – К.: Нора-Прінт, 2006. – 235с.
  3. Основы математического моделирования агробиопроцессов. – К.: Нора-Прінт, 2005. – 372 с. ( співавт. Адамень Ф.Ф., Вергунов В.А.).
  4. Методичні рекомендації з вибору оптимальних технологій вирощування культур за їх формалізованими описами. – К., 2010. – 64 с. ( співавт. Вергунов В.А.).